Sunday, July 13, 2008


Your 3rd grade school picture. You still attended South Prarie. Your teacher was Mrs. Mohr. You just loved her to pieces.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Your second grade school picture. You now attend South Prarie Elementary and your teacher is Mrs. Schriber.
For Halloween this year I was a knight! I was a lot disappointed I would only be able to wear this once. It barely fit the first time I wore it.

Summer 2004 - then school started

Your first grade school photo.
Here you are with your first grade class. You attended Round Valley Primary School and your teacher was Mrs. Finlay. You had the same teacher as Donovan - we liked her that much!

29 June 2004. We went to the zoo for mom's birthday. I am sitting on a little statu


2004 was a busy year for our family. Grandma Zaugg and Aunt Carrie came in March for Spring Break again. Here you are with Grandma.
In May all the kindergarten kids combined to sing songs for the end of school concert. You are in the front wearing the white shirt. At least you were easy to spot!

Sixth Birthday

Some items you received for your 6th birthday.

Blowing out the candles!
Halloween 2003. You were a Jedi on this year. We actually had money we could purchase you boys costumes so we ordered them online and they came just in time!


You started school! You were very excited about. This is your kindergarten photo. You had Mrs. Rhoton and went to P.M. Kindergarten.
This is your class from Round Valley Primary School.

You were always wandering around the house with something on your head. This time it happens to be a bucket.
5 March 2003. Your very first pair of glasses. You look so handsome.

In the summer of 2003 we took a trip up to Salt Lake City, Utah. Grandma Rogers was telling about this dog that was registered with the American Kennel Club and needed a home and was free. I thought it over and thought having a dog would be good for you kids as Dad was overseas in Iraq. We brought "Copper" home. He was the prettiest English Springer Spaniel I've ever seen the brown on him was a true copper - like a brand-new penny. You and he hit it off really well. Unfortunately - all we have left of him is this picture. Michael and Nephi were allergic to him and we had to give him away to a good home we hope.
22 August 2003. Your first day of kindergarten!

Fifth Birthday 2002

Before my birthday came around - Mom and my little brother Nephi on 17 September 2002. Here I am visiting with him right after he came home. We weren't able to go see him at the hospital.
For your fifth birthday you had a chocolate cake with sprinkles. I had only been home from the hospital for a couple weeks from having Nephi.